Обложка книги At the Fountain. Томик 2

At the Fountain. Томик 2

ISBN: 5-98843-002-3; 978-5-222-13720-8;
Издательство: Ivtaleon
Страниц: 24

Как учить эффективно и учиться успешно. Разнообразные по жанру и темам материалы для работы на уроке и для внеаудиторных занятий. Из Содержания: Henry Lawson. "Drifted Back" (From "Tales of Australia") Communicative Activity. Brain-Teasers. Travelers'' Dinner / Milk and Water/ The Weight of the Fish. Did You Know. Which Animal is the Cleverest? Masterpieces of Thoughts. Language, Knowledge, Wisdom. Grammar in Rhyme. Zero Article. Making a Story. Do a Crossword and Guess a Saying. Russian and British Celebrations. Russian Maslenitza and British Pancake Day. At the Doctor''s. И др.

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