Обложка книги At the Fountain. Томик 3

At the Fountain. Томик 3

ISBN: 5-98843-003-1;
Издательство: Ivtaleon
Страниц: 24

Журнал для изучающих английский язык и преподавателей. Alexander Grin "Snake". How old are vegetables? Animals and birds'' cries. Russian and British traditions. Из Содержания: Томик 3: Grammar in Rhyme. The Definite Article. Masterpieces of Thoughts. Describing Pictures. Enrich Your Vocabulary. Animals and Birds'' Cries "At Dead of Night" (Short story with a task). How Old Are Vegetables? Russian Samovar Tea-Time in Britain. A Journey to the World of Art. И др. Томик 4: How Old Is Football? Grammar in Rhyme. There is / Is there ...? Animals / Mothers and Babies Word Square. Good Luck or Lack of Success. People''s Good and Bad Qualities Do the Crosswords. Triangles in Grammar (Keys to grammar). He Laughs Best Who Laughs to the End. И др.

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