Обложка книги Uncle John's Top Secret! (Bathroom Reader Series)

Uncle John's Top Secret! (Bathroom Reader Series)

ISBN: 1592232310;
Издательство: Portable Press
Страниц: 288

Potty humor takes on a whole new meaning (a good one) in this new edition of the best-selling children's Bathroom Reader series. Nearly 300 pages of fun stories, riddles, quizzes, jokes, gross stuff, movie bloopers, and assorted dumb doings make this an irresistible read for kids. Chapters are organized according to subject - superstitions, traditions, sports, food, mythology, entertainment, the body - and length - "short" (one page), "medium" (two pages), and "long" (three to five pages) to accommodate any duration of throne time. Featuring zany illustrations and culled from actual suggestions from hundreds of kids, this edition includes such topics as kids raised by wolves and monkeys; kids who invent and test toys; cool sports like tree snorkeling and rock boarding; ghosts that haunt the White House; ancient warriors: the gladiators; odd jobs like psychic house cleaners, toothpaste testers, and armpit sniffers; messages found in bottles; the real Nicholas Flamel from the Harry...