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Sue Bailey, Sara Humphreys

Accelerate: A Skills-Based Short Course Elementary

Обложка книги Accelerate: A Skills-Based Short Course Elementary

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ISBN: 0-435-28260-3, 978-0-435-28260-8
Издательство: Macmillan Press
Страниц: 96
Accelerated a skills-based short course for adult and young adult learners. There are four levels - Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate - each providing material for up to 4 5 teaching hours. Accelerated specially designed for students following an accelerated English programme. Each level of Accelerate consists of 3 0 complete one-hour lessons grouped into 10 topic-based units. There is a further 30-page section of grammar practice material at each level. Accelerate combines a core syllabus in the Student's Book with further study ideas in the Teacher's Book so that material can be adapted to suit particular needs. There is a cassette for each level. • Each lesson is clearly presented on a double-page spread. • Language focus and summary boxes clearly signpost the language and skills in each lesson. • Homework activities are included on each page. • Practice in, and development of, all four skills is a consistent feature of the course. • Authentic texts and stimulating activities challenge students and encourage rapid progression.