Обложка книги Mouse Woman and the Mischief Makers

Mouse Woman and the Mischief Makers

ISBN: 1551927519;
Издательство: Raincoast Books
Страниц: 152

Originally published between in 1978, these legends of the Haida people of British Columbia feature the wise and enterprising Mouse Woman, a narnauk (supernatural human - animal shape-shifter) who takes the form of both a mouse and a grandmother. Mouse Woman's role, as Christie Harris's carefully researched and respectfully told legends tell, was to keep order between other narnauks and humans. Both a teacher and a nurturer, the ever-watchful Mouse Woman keeps a particularly close eye on young people. When they are tricked into trouble (often by other narnauks), she uses tact and her own brand of trickery to set things right. A unique and wonderful character, the ingenious Mouse Woman convinces the young people to change their ways themselves with only a little bit of direction from her. This reissue of the original text features the striking original black-and-white line drawings of Douglas Tait. With a new and more contemporary look, these compelling stories hold appeal for fans of...

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