Обложка книги The Fairy Party Book

The Fairy Party Book

ISBN: 1550379143;
Издательство: Annick Press
Страниц: 32

A charming handbook on how to host fairy festivities. Nobody parties like the fairy folk. Now, for the first time among mortals, The Fairy Party Book reveals the impish secrets of those partying pixies. On these enchanted pages kids (and their parents) will find everything they need to know to plan, organize and throw a successful fairy-themed party. Ideas include: a planning party, where fizzy fairy juice is served to help inspire ideas for themes (a flower party? how about a masked ball?) how to make invitations (pressed blossoms and sparkles are a must) planning games (Dizzy Pixie anyone?), plus tips on decorating and dressing up, and a delicious recipe for Fairy Party Cake. Just reading the book is ticklish fun, but the real magic happens when the party brings fairyland to life -- perfect for birthdays, sleepovers, or even for playtime. With Meg Clibbon's whimsical wit and Lucy...