Обложка книги Little King December

Little King December

ISBN: 0747575592;
Издательство: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc
Страниц: 64

A charming fairy tale for adults in the tradition of The Little Prince and The Snowman . "For some time now, I've been getting visits, every now and again, from December II, the little pot-bellied king. He's about three inches tall and so fat that he can't button up his tiny red velvet coat with the magnificent ermine collar..." Little King December comes from a place where, the day you are born, you wake up fully-grown and fully clothed. That very first day of your life you go into your office, make some deals, sell a few books, or, in his case, rule a kingdom. And every day you get a little bit smaller and you forget a little bit more, so that at the end of your life you are tiny, and you spend your days forgetting things, eating brightly colored gummy bears, and chasing shadows in the garden. But don't let size fool you. Little King December is full of big questions that require big answers. What do you know already when you are born? Why do you...

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