Обложка книги Mouse Woman and the Muddleheads

Mouse Woman and the Muddleheads

ISBN: 1551928132;
Издательство: Raincoast Books
Страниц: 160

Very long ago, supernatural beings called narnauks roamed the seas and vast green wilderness of the Northwest Coast. Among them was Mouse Woman, a tiny, hilariously prim soul whose self-appointed duty was to see that everyone and everything was proper. Anyone who couldn't see the right way of doing things was a muddlehead, and Mouse Woman had little patience with muddleheads, human or narnauk. In these witty tales, this captivating creature uses tact and trickery to restore decorum to a variety of wayward characters. Based on Canada’s rich native Haida folklore, these enchanting stories feature the striking artwork of Douglas Tait and an insightful new introduction by Christie Harris’s daughter.