Обложка книги Regarding the Bathrooms: A Privy to the Past (Regarding the . . .)

Regarding the Bathrooms: A Privy to the Past (Regarding the . . .)

ISBN: 0152051643;
Издательство: Harcourt Children's Books
Страниц: 160

Poor Principal Walter Russ. He's desperate for designer Florence Waters to renovate the school’s disgusting basement bathrooms, and the stress is causing him to get, ahem , all clogged up. Luckily, during their stressful summer school internships, the sixth graders uncover the perfect way for everyone to relax: by enjoying an ancient Roman spa and bath buried in the school’s basement! The fourth book in the Regarding the . . . series overflows with toilet humor. In their award-winning style that features newspaper spreads, letters, ads, and puns galore, the fabulous Klise sisters have created an unforgettable story about persistance, friendship, and learning to relax a little!

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