Обложка книги Rowan Hood Returns: The Final Chapter (Rowan Hood (Paperback))

Rowan Hood Returns: The Final Chapter (Rowan Hood (Paperback))

ISBN: 0142406856;
Издательство: Puffin
Страниц: 176

Guy Longhead. Jasper of the Sinister Hand. Hurst Orricson. Holt, also Orricson, brother of Hurst. To anyone else, just four names. But to Rowan Hood, the gentle healer who has waited two long years to put names to the men who murdered her mother, they are fuel to feed her desire for revenge. And so she leaves the rowan grove that has become her home in Sherwood Forest, and along with her friends, she sets off to seek these men. Yet she finds that the closer she draws to them, the farther she feels from the healer she has become. Nancy Springer has written a dramatic, stirring final chapter to a series that has only grown stronger with each new tale.

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