Обложка книги Song of Ireland

Song of Ireland

ISBN: 0765312433;
Издательство: Forge Books
Страниц: 336

The Danu. The little people. Everyone who is Irish knows of the tales of this mystical race who landed on the shores of Eire long ago and became the lands guardians. They were imbued with power over nature and some would say over Time itself. While many doubt they ever existed, there are as many today who cling to the myth and claim that they are still among us. What if the people of the Danu were not myth but were based on historical evidence? Song of Ireland is Juilene Osborne- McKnights enchanting fantasy that tells the story of the coming of the Celts to Eire and their discovery of the mystical and magical small folk. They find both beauty and magic in this new land and the Celts would conquer it for their own. But the Danu have secrets and powers of their own and those who wish to conquer find that it is not only their swords being challenged but also their hearts. And in trying to claim a new world this battle may change both races forever.