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Uma Krishnaswami

The Broken Tusk: Stories of the Hindu God Ganesha

Обложка книги The Broken Tusk: Stories of the Hindu God Ganesha

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ISBN: 0874838061
Издательство: August House
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 128
This collection of Hindu folktales for middle readers features stories about the god, Ganesha, who is easily recognized because of his elephant head. Krishnaswami introduces the stories by recalling her own introduction to Ganesha and goes on to offer a mythological context for the tales. Included among the tales are Ganesha's Head, The Broken Tusk, and 'Why Ganesha Never Married. Most of the stories come from Hindu legend; one comes from Mongolia, where Ganesha made his way into the Buddhist tradition. The pen-and-ink illustrations have child appeal, and readers will be aided by the pronunciation guide and glossary.
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