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Joanna Kavenna

The Ice Museum: In Search of the Lost Land of Thule

Обложка книги The Ice Museum: In Search of the Lost Land of Thule

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ISBN: 0670034738
Издательство: Viking Adult
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 304
An amazing journey through myth and history in search of a lost world To the ancients, Thule was a land beyond the edge of the maps, a northerly dreamland. It was a mystery for thousands of years, long thought to be an icy Eden, a place of exquisite beauty and unequaled purity. The lost world of Thule captured the imagination of poets, artists, explorers, and, most recently, writer Joanna Kavenna, who set out on a harrowing and exhilarating voyage of discovery. Her journey took her to Shetland, Iceland, Norway, Estonia, Greenland, and Svalbard?into the Arctic wilderness, over frozen seas and ice mountains?in search of this most haunting of northern places. As she travels, Kavenna finds traces of earlier writers and seekers: Richard Francis Burton, William Morris, Anthony Trollope, and Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen. But she comes to discover that a darkness also inhabits Thule. She finds ice-bound relics of the cold war. She unearths the story of the...
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