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Laird Scranton

The Science of the Dogon: Decoding the African Mystery Tradition

Обложка книги The Science of the Dogon: Decoding the African Mystery Tradition

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ISBN: 1594771332
Издательство: Inner Traditions
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 224
A look at the close resemblance between the creation and structure of matter in both Dogon mythology and modern science • Reveals striking similarities between Dogon symbols and those used in both the Egyptian and Hebrew religions • Demonstrates the parallels between Dogon mythical narratives and scientific concepts from atomic theory to quantum theory and string theory The Dogon people of Mali, West Africa, are famous for their unique art and advanced cosmology. The Dogon’s creation story describes how the one true god, Amma, created all the matter of the universe. Interestingly, the myths that depict his creative efforts bear a striking resemblance to the modern scientific definitions of matter, beginning with the atom and continuing all the way to the vibrating threads of string theory. Furthermore, many of the Dogon words, symbols, and rituals used to describe the structure of matter are quite similar to those found in the...
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