Обложка книги The Philosophy of Religious Language: Sign, Symbol and Story

The Philosophy of Religious Language: Sign, Symbol and Story

ISBN: 1557865825;
Издательство: Blackwell Publishing Limited
Страниц: 272

This new text provides a lively introduction to the remarkable developments in philosophy of language in this century, and to the way these developments have impinged upon religious language, particularly Christian discourse. Most treatments of this subject focus on the relevance of analytical philosophy of language with its verificational and functional phases. These important movements are included, but this text also covers historical debates about religious language along with several other contemporary movements that have had increasing impact upon biblical studies and theology, such as hermeneutical philosophy, philosophy of metaphor, narrative, structuralism, and poststructuralism. The Philosophy of Religious Language focuses on exposition of the different approaches, with attention upon central thinkers and texts. In each case, however, the philosophy of language is also connected with its major appropriation in religious studies. Since one cannot exactly keep these approaches...