Обложка книги SAP Security: SAP Security Essentials

SAP Security: SAP Security Essentials

ISBN: 1933804025;
Издательство: Equity Press
Страниц: 136

The Essential Guide to SAP Security and Audit Concepts With 75+ Security Essentials, FAQs, and Step by Step Examples It' s clear that security and audit are among the most challenging areas in SAP Learning can be difficult. SAP Security Essentials is a direct answer to the need for practical security information for SAP users, consultants, and managers. From default passwords to authorization profiles, SAP Security Essentials will put you on the path to understanding what you really need to know. The book is a collection of references that every Security consultant should have at the ready. More than just a rehash of SAP documentation and sales presentations, each question is based on project knowledge and experience gained on successful high-profile SAP implementations. SAP Security Essentials Includes. Finding Audit Critical Combinations. Authentication, Transaction Logging, and Passwords. Roles, Profiles, and User Management. ITAR, DCAA, DCMA, and Audit Requirements.The most...