Обложка книги Platforms, Markets and Innovation

Platforms, Markets and Innovation

ISBN: 1848440707;
Страниц: 416

`In her pioneering book Platform Leadership (with Michael Cusumano), Gawer gave us the strategy of building coalitions of customers, suppliers, and complementors. Now, she brings together a number of the leading researchers in the area of platform strategy to give us a book that will be a key reference for both practitioners and academics.' - Adam Brandenburger, New York University, US `Annabelle Gawer's collected volume of research shows that a vibrant community of scholars has arisen around platforms and innovation. Each of the chapters is first rate, with top researchers offering some of their latest work. This will be an indispensable book for students of innovation and technology management everywhere.' - Henry Chesbrough, University of California, Berkeley, US `Annabelle Gawer's Platforms, Markets and Innovation is the first serious exploration of the critical but subtle role that platforms play in business, society and our personal lives. As digital technologies...

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