Обложка книги Biancabella and Other Italian Fairy Tales

Biancabella and Other Italian Fairy Tales

ISBN: 0-486-41661-5;
Издательство: Dover Publications
Страниц: 64

Like fairy tales everywhere, the fairy stories of Italy feature a familiar cast of characters: giants, witches, wizards, monsters, magicians, enchanted animals, brave young men, and beautiful princesses. "But there is one thing you should know about Italian fairies," the translator of these tales noted. "They have a habit of taking on quite ordinary shapes. Indeed, they prefer it. Perhaps you think you see an old market-woman, or a milkmaid, and you pass by without a single glance of wonder. They may really be fairies all the same." In this fine selection of seven charming stories from "The Italian Fairy Book", readers will find elements of both the ordinary and the extraordinary. In the celebrated title story, a golden snake comes to the aid of a cruelly treated princess. "Companions of the Forest" shows how a wolf, a bear, and a lion become the best friends of a young hunter, help him rid Sicily of a people-eating dragon, and win him love and good fortune. "Princess...

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