Обложка книги Julie and Romeo

Julie and Romeo

ISBN: 0-451-40997-3;
Издательство: An Onyx Book
Страниц: 244

Julie Roseman has known since childhood that Rosemans are supposed to loathe, despise, and distrust Cacciamanis. She`s never known exactly why, but she`s followed her family`s advice and avoided the Cacciamanis like the plague. Now she`s bumped into Romeo Cacciamani at a small-business conference. They`re both running the florist shops outside Boston that have been in their families for years - and struggling to keep them afloat. They`re both single, since Romeo lost his wife and Julie`s husband dumped her for a scheming little 38-year-old. Actually, the dreaded Romeo Cacciamani seems sort of…sweet. Now this unexpected relationship is blooming into something big. Julie and Romeo think it`s love. But when their families find out, it`s war...

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