Обложка книги Understanding Management

Understanding Management


ISBN: 0324405715;
Страниц: 720

The primary vision for UNDERSTANDING MANAGEMENT, 5th edition is to provide students with an engaging survey of modern management practice, while providing ample opportunity for enrichment and skill development. UNDERSTANDING MANAGEMENT is unparalleled in its ability to seamlessly weave together classic and contemporary principles into a presentation that is crisp and instantly applicable for students. Examples from small-to-mid sized companies give students insight into the 'local' companies similar to those where many will begin or continue their careers. To further help students apply what they have learned Dorothy Marcic includes skill-building and application exercises in every chapter. UNDERSTANDING MANAGEMENT was also designed with the instructor in mind?its briefer format and impressive ancillary package make it both flexible and highly adaptive to any course, allowing you to do more in class.

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