Обложка книги How to Wow with InDesign CS2 (2nd Edition) (How to Wow)

How to Wow with InDesign CS2 (2nd Edition) (How to Wow)


ISBN: 0321357515;
Страниц: 192

With InDesign CS2 quickly becoming the industry standard in desktop publishing, there's no shortage of books promising to get you up to speed on it. None, however, does so quite like this book, which keeps the focus right where you, as a designer, want it--on designing! Providing just enough of a conceptual framework to use the program effectively, but omitting the tech-heavy under-the-hood discussions that represent the core of other InDesign tomes, this full-color guide uses gorgeous real-world examples and simple step-by-step instructions to cover InDesign CS2's newest features. The book includes a chapter on workflow techniques using Adobe Bridge, the new hub uniting the Creative Suite 2 applications. There's coverage of layer comps from Photoshop, and more on typography, including a new justification setting as well as drag-and-drop text. As you work through chapters on text and typography, pages and documents, placed images, tables, color, special effects,...

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