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ISBN: 9780470292655;
Страниц: 288

Praise for iLearning "Mark Salisbury?s book arrives just in time. Recent developments in computer technology put the benefits of iLearning within easy reach of all organizations." ?David Olson, Ph.D., professor, Computer science, Western Oregon University "Mark Salisbury works at the cutting edge of cognition and knowledge management. iLearning has set the bar high for the research community?there is nothing else in the field that comes close. Any organization aspiring to high–octane performance needs to pay attention to Dr. Salisbury?s book." ?David W. Hamon, principal, Analytic Services Inc. "Dr. Salisbury has provided leaders in any organization with a ground–breaking job aid for the accelerated distribution and learning of knowledge through iLearning. Application of these integrated concepts and practices will contribute to improved individual and organizational performance in any business, government, or academic organization." ?Jay R. (Skip)...

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