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August Strindberg

The Father

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Серия: Dover Thrift Editions
ISBN: 0486432173, 978-0-486-43217-5
Издательство: Dover Publications
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 64
Book DescriptionBy far Strindberg's most aggressive work. The Father is a feverish nightmare of the struggle he saw between defiant masculinity and the treacherous weakness of women. Plays for Performance Series.Download DescriptionCAPTAIN. Didn't you ever feel ridiculous as a father? I know of nothing so ludicrous as to see a father leading his children by the hand around the streets, or to hear it father talk about his children. "My wife's children," he ought to say. Did you ever feel how false your position was? Weren't you ever afflicted with doubts, I won't say suspicions, for, as a gentleman, I assume that your wife was above suspicion.
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