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Greg Holden, Nicholas Wells, Matthew Keller

Apache Server Commentary: Guide to Insider's Knowledge on Apache Server Code

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ISBN: 1576104680
Издательство: Coriolis Group Books
Adopts and extends the method used by the famous Lion's Commentary on Unix, (ISBN 1-57398-013-7) which still is a much sought after title even 20 years after publication. Uses a horizontal format (11" x 8 3/8" trim size) which allows for exhaustive cross-referencing, space for easy-to-read columns of code, and the book to stay flat while open. Over 500,000 lines of code are excerpted and explained in detail. Includes extensive cross-referencing and architectural flow charts to enhance understanding of the structure of the code. Apache Server Commentary is currently the only commentary-style book available on Apache modules. Covers Apache for both Linux and Windows.