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ASP. Net Programmers Reference

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ISBN: 9785-98124-295-3; 9785-98124240-3; 9785-981242205; 978-5-699-20960-6; 9785-98124326-4; 978-5-98124-329-5; 978-5-8029-1472-4; 9785-9221-0963-5; 5-9684-0342-X; 978-5-9684-1184-6;
Издательство: Wrox Press Inc

ASP.NET is a totally new way of creating dynamic web applications, giving developers more flexibility and functionality than ever before. Its fresh approach of placing commonly-used code into controls, and separating presentation from business logic, makes developing and maintaining applications far easier. It is part of the Microsoft .NET Framework, and as such allows code to be created in any language that the Framework supports (currently C#, VB.NET, and JScript.NET out of the box). This referenceis divided into four sections. The first covers all the important ASP.NET namespaces for User Interface design, while the second looks at "behind the scenes" topics like caching and configuration. The third section looks at the important new arena of WebServices, and finally, the fourth deals with the remaining hot topics, such as data access and XML, as well as containing a chapter of short, fully-working examples relating to all sections of the book, to help you understand the...