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Michael Sweeney, C. Tate Baumrucker, James. D. Burton, Ido Dubrawsky

Cisco Security Professional's Guide to Secure Intrusion Detection Systems

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ISBN: 1932266690
Издательство: Syngress Publishing
Your Complete Guide to Cisco Enterprise IDS Management This book presents a combination of intrusion detection systems (IDS) and security theory, Cisco security models, and detailed information regarding specific Cisco-based IDS solutions. Cisco Security Professional?s Guide to Secure Intrusion Detection Systems also serves as a guide for security administrators studying for the Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection Systems Exam (CSIDS 9E0-100). Review Intrusion Detection Systems Find coverage of the basic threats and attack types, as well as an overview of the various types of intrusion detection. Learn About Cisco Intrusion Detection Explore the nuts and bolts behind a Cisco-based IDS system, covering both Cisco?s "Active Defense" and "Defense in Depth" methodologies. Install Sensor Appliances Install the Cisco IDS appliances on your network and learn about password recovery. Install the Cisco Secure Policy Manager (CSPM) Review the Cisco...