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Shelley Powers

Developing ASP Components (2nd Edition)

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ISBN: 1565927508, 9781565927506
Издательство: O'Reilly & Associates
Год издания: 2001
Страниц: 832
Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP) continue to grow in popularity with web developers--especially as web applications replace web pages. However, the techniques and pitfalls of developing ASP components are not well-documented. That's where Developing ASP Components, 2nd Edition, comes in. The book explores: Configuring the ASP development environment. ASP components and the Component Object Model (COM). ASP components and threading models. ASPcomponents and the Microsoft Transaction Server. The objects, properties, methods, and events in the ASP object model. Accessing ASP's intrinsic objects. Accessing data using ADO. Creating n-tier web applications withVB. Handling persistence using MFC along with Visual C++/ATL. Developing ASP components using other languages, such as Perl and Delphi. Its thorough grounding in essential ASP topics and ASP's two major...