Обложка книги Walda Pairon. Interiors with a Soul

Walda Pairon. Interiors with a Soul

ISBN: 978-90-209-7282-5;
Издательство: Lannoo Books
Страниц: 180

In this third book by and about interior designer Walda Pairon, the reader will find a refreshing synthesis. Her interiors are sober, reduced to a quiet simplicity. Objects still play a major role. They almost come alive and tell their stories in the quiet interiors. Walda Pairon's eye for light, colour, material and taste is sharp and refreshing. She doesn't need many words to come up with an apt observation. With this book Walda Pairon has proved that she has lost none of the lead she gained in the early days of interior decoration. Again this mistress of interior design is ahead of her time. Формат: 30 см x 30 см.

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