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Andrei Sergeev

Stamp Album

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Альбом для марок
Серия: Glas New Russian Writing
ISBN: 5-7172-0059-5, 978-5-7172-0059-2
Издательство: Glas Глас
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 240
"Stamp Album" paints a picture of hitherto unknown "catacomb Russia". The communal apartment Sergeev describes is not a typical community of Soviet citizens... They neither fight the regime, nor adapt to it... Sergeev's memory seems to collect mere trifles: children's ditties, counting rhymes, old slogans, newspaper clippings, snatches of conversations, official documents, urban folklore and much else. He fishes various fragments out of this detritus and files them carefuUy away in his stamp album". Natalia Pervukhina in "Russkaya Mysl" "Sergeev's extraordinary memory, the skill of a professional collector, his fantastic sharpness of vision, his passion for details and objects as well as for individuals - all these make "Stamp Album" fascinating reading". The Russian Journal "The author of this text-collage is clearly a passionate collector of all sorts of things: coins, stamps,...
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