Обложка книги On the Art of Drawing

On the Art of Drawing

ISBN: 978-0-486-46526-5;
Издательство: Dover
Страниц: 144

With this helpful and informative guide, a leading American illustrator offers insights into how serious beginners can become sketch masters. It combines a focus on the nature and importance of technique with practical suggestions for developing drawing skills with a variety of tools, including felt pen, pencil, crayon, brush and ink, charcoal, casein, tempera, and wash. Norman Rockwell praised this book as "a real contribution not only to illustration, but to art." Rockwell and author Robert Fawcett were founding faculty members of the Famous Artists School, a correspondence course that has coached legions of professionals and amateurs. Known as the "Illustrator's Illustrator," Fawcett stresses design and composition in his step-by-step demonstrations, which feature 100 illustrations. His realistic depictions of landscapes and human figures convey solid fundamentals of drawing that every artist, illustrator, student, and hobbyist needs to know.

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