Обложка книги Fireworks MX Bible

Fireworks MX Bible

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ISBN: 0764536621; 9780764536625;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons

Covers all Fireworks features, including new interface elements, the Properties Inspector, on-screen text editing, vector tools, new transparency and object layer tools, and more! Provides amazing tips for rollovers, layers, frames and slices. Shows how to take advantage of Fireworks' excellent image compression, export options, and image tweening, plus its easy-to-use GIF animation engine. Includes "Fireworks Technique" ideas such as Incorporating Rollovers in Image Maps and Mastering Creative Edges provide real-world examples throughout the book. Shows how to work more effectively by taking advantage of Fireworks' special integration with Dreamweaver and Flash. ABOUT THE CD-ROM The Windows/Mac CD-ROM is loaded with Fireworks commands, templates, textures, gradients, strokes, and images, plus Fireworks training lessons and tryouts of other Macromedia products.