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Phil Stanhope, Phil Stanhope

Get in the Groove: Building Tools and Peer-to-Peer Solutions with the Groove Platform

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ISBN: 076454893X, 9780764548932
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
"Phil Stanhope delivers what I consider to be a recipe-based approach to building tools and applications for the Groove decentralized communications platform. Phil isn't just a short-order cook; he's a master chef." -Jack Ozzie, Vice President of Development, Platform and Development Services, Groove Networks, Inc. Building Tools and Peer-to-Peer Solutions with the Groove(r) Platform The Groove platform makes peer-to-peer workgroup collaboration easier than ever. With this unique developer's guide, you'll discover how to customize Groove for specific business needs - taking Groove collaboration and ease of use to the next level. Using plenty of code examples in JavaScript, C++, and Visual Basic, veteran Groove developer Phil Stanhope shows you step by step how to create your own Groove tools and layouts and integrate contact management, Web-based customer management services, and data from enterprise systems. Take Groove(r) to the Next Level *...