Обложка книги Haldane's Best Salary Tips for Professionals

Haldane's Best Salary Tips for Professionals


ISBN: 1570231672;
Издательство: Impact Publications

Most people believe they are worth more than what's reflected in their current paycheck. While they may feel underpaid, few of them are prepared to do much about it, including talking about money with those who write their paycheck. When, for example, was the last time you approached your boss for a raise . . . and got it? When was the last time you quit your job and found one that paid what you felt you were really worth? And when was the last time you confidently went into a salary negotiation session and came out with exactly what you wanted? If you are like most job seekers, you could use some sound advice on improving your salary negotiation skills. Here's the book that may be worth thousands of dollars in additional income. Reflecting more than50 years of experience in working with over 600,000 clients, Haldane's Best Salary Tips For Professionals reveals a wealth of strategies and tips on how to effectively negotiate a compensation package that truly reflects your value in...