Обложка книги HTML Pocket Reference (2nd Edition)

HTML Pocket Reference (2nd Edition)

ISBN: 0596002963; 9780596002961;
Издательство: O'Reilly & Associates

In this completely revised and updated pocket reference, Jennifer Niederst, the author of the best-selling Web Design in a Nutshell , delivers a complete guide to every HTML tag. As with O?Reilly?s other pocket references, this handy book offers the bare essentials in a small, concise format that you can carry anywhere for quick reference. This guide will literally fit into your back pocket. Each entry in the book is devoted to the description of a single HTML tag, its standard usage, information on the tag's attributes, browser support (for Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Opera), and support for WebTV. Niederst puts the tags in context, indicating which ones are grouped together. She also offers bare-bones examples of how standard web page elements are constructed. All the tag-by-tag descriptions in this new edition have been brought up to date with the current HTML specification (4.01), and the book includes useful charts of character entities and...

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Jennifer Niederst
HTML Pocket Reference