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Richard Sperko

Java Persistence for Relational Databases (Books for Professionals by Professionals)

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ISBN: 1590590716
Издательство: APRS
Java Persistence for Relational Databases is chock full of best practices and patterns, for those of you who want to connect to databases using Java! Coverage includes various database-related APIs for Java, like JDO, JDBC (including the newest 3.0 APIs), and CMP ("Container Managed Persistence" with EJB). All those things you developers have wanted to know&emdash;but were afraid to ask&emdash;are featured inside this book. It offers a realistic and multi-angled look at persisting Java objects. Whether your environment requires you to use JDO, CMP, Castor, or to hand-code a persistence layer using JDBC, the answers all lie inside this book.