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JavaScript for Dummies Quick Reference

ISBN: 0764501127; 9780764501128;
Издательство: For Dummies
Страниц: 224

Tucking a few JavaScript statements in among the HTML code that makes up your Web pages makes a dramatic difference. Enhanced, more interactive navigation buttons, user input validation, and scrolling messages are but a few of the improvements that you can make with JavaScript. Now, with JavaScript For Dummies Quick Reference , all the JavaScript statements and examples of how to use them are right at your fingertips. Internet technology expert Emily A. Vander Veer not only organizes all the relevant HTML and JavaScript topics for easy access but also points out potential pitfalls, offers neat tricks, and provides complete code for doing such things as interacting with cookies, displaying pop-up messages, and making your script compatible with JavaScript-challenged Web browsers. Best of all, JavaScript For Dummies Quick Reference features handy cross-references to topics covered in greater depth in JavaScript For Dummies .

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