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Mastering Visual Studio .NET

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ISBN: 0596003609;
Издательство: O'Reilly & Associates

If you're serious about using the Visual Studio® .NET toolkit, you'll want Mastering Visual Studio .NET close by. This book will take you beyond what you'll read in the standard documentation by offering hints and recommendations that the authors and the community at large have found to be useful after many years of experience. Mastering Visual Studio .NET provides you, as an experienced programmer, with all the information needed to get the most out of the latest and greatest development tool from Microsoft®. It doesn't matter if you're an MFC, C++, STL, ATL, COM, Win32, Visual Basic, C#, HTML, XML, ASP.NET, database, web application, Web service, NT service, stand-alone client, or component programmer targeting Windows® or one of the Windows variants (i.e. Windows CE or the PocketPC) -- this is the book that will help you master the toolkit.