Обложка книги PHP Cookbook

PHP Cookbook


ISBN: 1565926811; 9781565926813;
Издательство: O'Reilly & Associates

The PHP Cookbook is a collection of problems, solutions, and practical examples for PHP programmers. The book contains a unique and extensive collection of best practices for everyday PHP programming dilemmas. For every problem addressed in the book, there's a worked-out solution or "recipe" -- short, focused pieces of code that you can insert directly into your applications. But this book offers more than cut-and-paste code. You also get explanations of how and why the code works, so you can learn to adapt the problem-solving techniques to similar situations. The recipes in the PHP Cookbook range from simple tasks, such as sending a database query and fetching URLs, to entire programs that demonstrate complex tasks, such as printing HTML tables and generating bar charts. This book contains over 250 recipes -- a treasure trove of useful code for PHP programmers, from novices to advanced practitioners. Rely on the PHP Cookbook to provide quick solutions to common...

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