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Programming Web Services with XML-RPC (O'Reilly Internet Series)

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ISBN: 0596001193; 9780596001193;
Издательство: O'Reilly & Associates
Страниц: 240

Programming Web Services with XML-RPC introduces the simple but powerful capabilities of XML-RPC, a system for remote procedure calls built on XML and the HTTP protocol. XML-RPC lets developers connect programs running on different computers witha minimum of fuss, by wrapping procedure calls in XML and establishing simple pathways for calling functions. With XML-RPC, Java programs can talk to Perl scripts, which can talk to Python programs, ASP applications, and so on. Developers can provide access to functionality without having to worry about the system on the other end, so it's easy to create web services. This book supplies the details of both the XML-RPC specification and various XML-RPC implementations, so you can get started developingdistributed applications in Java, Perl, Python, ASP, or PHP.