Обложка книги Why Do Hot Women Love The Alpha Man?

Why Do Hot Women Love The Alpha Man?

ISBN: 1452868727;
Страниц: 136

HOW TO BE THE MAN WOMEN LOVE: Women are attracted to real men - the "Man's Man" or the Alpha Male. This book will show you how to evolve into such a man - "the Alpha" - by teaching you exactly what you need to know to behave like an Alpha around women. It is based on the real life experience of a guy who used to be a shy insecure fellow once and how he developed himself into an Alpha man. The author shares the secrets which made this possible. It is a book which is very straight forward and does not give you complicated advice, which requires a lot of hard work. It begins by explaining about female psychology and how women think of men. Then it goes into exploding a lot of myths like that men need to be a jerk to attract women, or that men need to spend a lot of money on women, or that women don't like sex as much as men do. The book then goes on to explain how to read a woman's non-verbal signals, and then explains in a step by step manner how to behave like an Alpha male to...

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