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Kelleigh Wing, Paul Whitehead, Ruth Maran

Teach Yourself Visually the Internet and World Wide Web (2nd Edition)

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ISBN: 0764534106
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
The online world is such a visual place, what better way to learn about it than visually? That's just what you can do with Teach Yourself the Internet and World Wide Web VISUALLY , 2 nd Edition. Full of educational illustrations and concise, practical information, this book helps you get connected and stay connected. Educate yourself on modems and high-speed connections, Web browsers, and high-tech video, sound and plug-in's that are integral tools for many Web sites. The uses and applications of the Internet and World Wide Web in daily life at home and on the job are limitless, and with this book you start to see the possibilities. Begin by setting up an e-mail account and dissecting the parts of an e-mail message. Explore diverse Websites that touch on everything from e-commerce, hobbies and academics to news, weather and entertainment. It even includes a guide to creating your own Web pages. Finally, uncover interactive Web features such as newsgroups, chat rooms...