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Lajos Moczar

Tomcat 5 Unleashed (Unleashed)

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ISBN: 0672326361
Издательство: Pearson Education
Tomcat is the most widely used Java-based Web application server available, and the latest version, Tomcat 5.x, has a variety of features that allow developers and administrators to create and maintain sophisticated enterprise-level Web applications. As open-source technologies like Tomcat have become more popular and more powerful, developers and organizations increasingly want to be able to create open source technology-based applications with the same scalability, security, and stability traditionally associated with commercial software. Tomcat Unleashed is a comprehensive book that shows readers how Tomcat 5.x can meet such expectations and use it as the cornerstone of the modern enterprise. The book includes detailed, hands-oncoverage of the use of Tomcat in the enterprise and the integration of Tomcat with other components - databases, LDAP servers, Web servers and particular Web application frameworks like Struts and Cocoon.