Обложка книги UML Applied: A .NET Perspective

UML Applied: A .NET Perspective

ISBN: 1-59059-087-2;
Издательство: Apress
Страниц: 552

"Of all the UML books I've read to-date (about ten), this one has meant the most to me in my day-to-day practice." -- By "bbakermai," Orlando .NET User Group. (Read the complete five-star review here.) UML Applied: A .NET Perspective is the first book to examine the two worlds of Unified Modeling Language (UML) and .NET concurrently. The core of this book provides a set of proven, hands-on, team-oriented exercises that will have you solving real-world problems with UML faster than when using any other approach&emdash; often in under a day. Author Martin Shoemaker also demonstrates how to use Rational XDE for effective model-driven development. From the author: "In teaching UML to my students, nothing has been as effective as ?Five-Step UML,' a process I devised by stripping away, one piece at a time, everything that got in the way of learning UML. Eventually, I was...