Обложка книги Visual Basic 6 for Dummies Deluxe Compiler Kit

Visual Basic 6 for Dummies Deluxe Compiler Kit

ISBN: 0764505971; 9780764505973;
Издательство: For Dummies
Страниц: 480

From the fundamentals of writing code to the excitement of designing a cool user interface, Visual Basic 6 For Dummies Software Development Kit explains this popular language in terms that nonprogrammers and first-time Visual Basic programmers canunderstand. With the special edition of Visual Basic 6 bundled with this product, first-time Visual Basic users can immediately try out the techniques explained in the book. In addition to Visual Basic 6.0 Working Model being included with this product, the book includes a CD-ROM with author-created sample Visual Basic programs and code, as well as third-party demonstration and freeware tools to maximize Visual Basic programming.

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