Обложка книги XSLT


ISBN: 0596000537; 9780596000530;
Издательство: O'Reilly & Associates
Страниц: 478

Originally created for page layout, XSLT has grown into one of the core technologies for processing XML. XSLT brings XSLT's many functions together in a concise, comprehensive treatment of the technology. This book covers XSLT and XPath, a critical companion standard, and addresses subjects ranging from basic transformations to complex sorting and linking. It explores extension functions on a variety of different XSLT processors, and methods for combining multiple documents with XSLT. Examples demonstrate each technique. Useful as it is, XSLT can also be extremely daunting. Getting started is difficult, and advanced techniques require a through understanding of how XSLT templates work and interact. Doug Tidwell, a developer with years of XSLT experience, explains XSLT by building from the basics to the more complex and powerful possibilities of XSLT, so that whether you're just starting out or looking for advanced techniques, you'll find the level of information you need.