Обложка книги The Age of Unreason

The Age of Unreason

ISBN: 0-87584-301-8; 9780875843018;
Издательство: Harvard Business School Press
Страниц: 288

In this fascinating book, Charles Handy shows how dramatic changes are transforming business, education, and the nature of work. We can see them in astounding new developments in technology, in the shift in demand from manual to cerebral skills, and in the virtual disappearance of lifelong, full-time jobs. Handy maintains that discontinuous change requires discontinuous, upside-down thinking. We need new kinds of organizations, new approaches to work, new types of schools, and new ideas about the nature of our society. Handy argues that discontinuous change, however uncomfortable, is the only way forward for a society that would prefer to put on blinders to the world around it. The Age of Unreason offers profound insights into the world we live in at the end of the twentieth century. It should be read by anyone wondering how to prepare for life in the twenty-first.