Обложка книги Motivation Management

Motivation Management


ISBN: 0-56608-102-4;
Издательство: Gower Publishing Company
Страниц: 344

Experienced managers have always known that what galvanizes John may leave Sally unmoved. But how do you decide which type of reward or incentive will produce the maximum effect in each case? This groundbreaking book provides some of the answers. Over a period of many years Sheila and Peter separately carried out research into motivation in the workplace. Both of them field-tested Sheila's motivation profiles with more than 1400 managers around the world. The outcome was a unique set of insights into what makes people work with a will. The findings are presented here for the first time, identifying 12 forces that drive people at work, including not only obvious factors, like money and recognition, but also equally powerful drives, like variety or the scope to be creative. For each individual there is a combination of factors that will encourage optimum performance, and the manager who understands what is required will inspire outstanding effort. He or she will also...