Обложка книги The Lower Depths

The Lower Depths

ISBN: 0-486-41115-X; 978-0-486-41115-6;
Издательство: Dover Publications
Страниц: 80

In "The Lower Depths", his dramatic masterpiece of 1902, Gorky presented a grimly realistic view of a desperate circle of lost souls. The play unfolds in a derelict boarding house, where an impoverished cast of despairing characters argue, play cards, tell stories, and debate the merits of two opposite worldviews: a self-reliant existence, free of illusions, or a romanticized outlook that colors and softens the pain of daily life. Shrewd observations, lifelike characters, and compelling dialog make this landmark play a work of enduring vitality. In addition to its dramatic interest and literary merit, The Lower Depths offers a revealing look at the social atmosphere that led to the Russian Revolution of 1917. Издание на английском языке.

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