Обложка книги Retrain Your Business Brain. Outsmart the Corporate Competition

Retrain Your Business Brain. Outsmart the Corporate Competition

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ISBN: 0-793-17015-X;
Издательство: Dearborn Trade Publishing
Страниц: 266

In today`s world, the source of power is no longer information itself, but rather how individuals organize information. In an era of knowledge workers, victory will go to the smartest and most innovative, and that is where companies will gain a competitive edge. Although there are dozens of books and courses on the market to help employees think `outside of the box`, Retrain Your Business Brain helps people `work smarter` by strengthening mental weaknesses and mastering ambiguities that dominate today`s business landscape-including diversity, innovation, and shifting priorities. Retrain Your Business Brain teaches a whole new way of thinking. Instead of the traditional, linear patterns of thinking, based on logic and tangible outcomes, Dr. Markus proposes a more flexible and abstract way of perceiving situations and concepts based on visual perception exercises. This radically different approach has been used with astonishing success to help business executives,...