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Oliver Schliebusch, Heinrich Meyr, Rainer Leupers

Optimized ASIP Synthesis from Architecture Description Language Models

Обложка книги Optimized ASIP Synthesis from Architecture Description Language Models

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ISBN: 1402056850
Издательство: Springer
Год издания: 2007
Страниц: 193
For the first time advances in semiconductor manufacturing do not lead to a corresponding increase in performance. At 65 nm and below it is predicted that only a small portion of performance increase will be attributed to shrinking geometries while the lion share is due to innovative processor architectures. To substantiate this assertion it is instructive to look at major drivers of the semiconductor industry: wireless communications and multimedia. Both areas are characterized by an exponentially increasing demand of computational power, which cannot be provided in an energy-efficient manner by traditional processor architectures. Today’s applications in wireless communications and multimedia require highly specialized and optimized architectures. New software tools and a sophisticated methodology above RTL are required to answer the challenges of designing an optimized application specific processor (ASIP). This book offers an automated and fully integrated...